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  It's been awhile since I've written on here. In the past few months, rountines have stayed, things seem the same a bit, but different all together.
 Vee graduated Saturday before last, to say that I'm proud of my bro feels like an understatement almost. I went with her family to her clap out/graduation and then we celebrated afterwards. Sunday night jam sessions have turned into Saturday night jam sessions where we still sit in the garage, drink and play music. Vee has a wheel chair now that she sits in during jam sessions, we don't know how the wheel chair even got there, it just magically appeared in the trunk of her mother's car one day. After Vee's graduation I got real buzzed and pushed her up and down the street in the wheel chair for "victory laps"!
 My sister lives with my dad now, sleeping on the old couch that I used to. Sometimes I really miss that couch and the freedom of the fact that my father couldn't care less whenever I came or left but at the end of the day that couch was there to crash on when I needed it. I've recently been thinking about loading up the car again and going from couch to couch of people I know, but that's what I got Jasper for, having a cat ties you down a bit, the only kind of anchor I need. I want to build a tiny house though, it makes sense, I don't need much space and I'm always bitching about how much stuff I have anyhow, the process of getting rid of more and more things I don't need has been nice. All I need is some land to build my tiny house on (which finding has been much harder than I'd anticipated) or to build one on wheels so I could live wherever.
I started hanging out with Bekka again, which I'd missed. I was house sitting for Brian when he went on a road trip and one night while Bekka was couch surfing inbetween jobs, I picked her up and we crashed there one night drinking cheap 40's on the couch and eating Checkers. She lives up in Holly Hill now, hop on the interstate, take a right, then a left and then turn right onto the driveway she lives off of. It's a good half hour or less drive there from work, but it's in bumfuck nowhere and for that I can see why she likes it. The other day I went up for a visit and we drank, watched a movie and then listened to her roomate's band rehearse in their studio. I plan to make trips to visit Bekka at least a weekly thing and next week, Vee will finally be able to come up with me to go visit!
  For once things feel as if they're finally starting to fall into place. This is the longest stretch I've continually been on my meds in years, which is always good. I feel as if I've got the right people around me. I haven't talked to Brian in awhile, mostly because I got a new phone/number and am yet to text him from the new number, but really because I feel like that part of my life is over. He and I are not alike and I don't want to be around people anymore where I feel like I'm always trying to decipher what is or isn't total bullshit.

Things are going to start changing, not because some big thing that I don't know about yet is going to happen, but because I'm going to make them change.


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