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Pub Crawl
 On the 11th I turned 25 and as far as birthdays go, it was a pretty good one. Started out the Wednesday night before by going to one of my new favorite places for a good beer: Frothy Beard Brewing Co. down in North Charleston with a few friends. Had a good blonde ale followed by some cilantro jalepeno beer, I've never been a fan of cilantro, but if you put anything into a good beer, chances are I'll like it then. My birthday begun like any normal Thursday morning, awake at 3am, well half awake until the caffiene pill kicks in, and off to work for a 4 to 12:30 shift. After work my mom met me for lunch; tried out a new place in shopping center called "Noodle Nerd", what a joke, you don't fuck with a man's noodles, MSG is not meant to be the sole flavoring additive for an entire bowl of noodles. I was lamenting at the fact that for less than I paid for a tiny noodle bowl, I could have just hit up my favorite Chinese food buffet down the road. After lunch and a quick change of clothes at my apartment, I decided to go see my dogs and have a nice nap on the couch with them before an evening of drinking.
 Went to Matt's Burgers and Chili for dinner, a horrible sounding option for someone who doesn't eat meat, but I wanted a greasy grilled cheese and a basket of fries before alcohol. Vee came and brought her mom and her dad. As always I enjoy hanging around her dad, cause he's a pretty cool guy, but her mom just kind of makes things awkward. My grandma came with us and through the course of dinner we were soon joined by Alisa, Val, my sister and Kory and Kara. People were taking awhile to eat and I was done, so Vee, her dad and I snuck off to the first stop of the night: Accent on Wine. We were joined by everyone else within a few minutes and my dad stopped by for about twenty minutes. Two beers down and off we went across the street to Homegrown Brewhouse. I was interested in going there intially because Thursdays are "kick the keg night" where they pick a beer they want to get rid of and sell pints of it for cheaper than usual. The beer for the night was "Hop Art", one of the hoppiest beers I have ever tasted, but good and strong nonetheless. Vee was just trying to get down her Radler of lemon soda/ lemon beer, which after a few swigs of my beer tasted just like soda when I tried it. After making a handful of jokes about the "rape hallway" to the bathroom and surprisingly hearing a few My Chemical Romance songs played at the brew house it was time for Vee's mom to drive her and her dad home for the night. To the next bar: Montreux, fuck I couldn't have a birthday pub crawl without stopping by there. Those shots we always loved there, at first we'd always just ask for "those guava rum shots", a few months ago when I was there with Brian he heard the name and thought it was called "Orange Tang", but the damn things are actually called "Orangutang" shots. With a few shots down and some beers most of my pub crawl party headed home for the evening, but I was determined to hit up one more bar before the night was over. When I was at Home Grown I texted Victor and asked if he was going to come up to drink and her said he would. I walked to Ice House, couldn't find a place to sit and headed back down the stairs and who had just pulled up on their bicycle- Victor, talk about good timing. So for the last stop we headed to O'Lacey's. I hadn't been in there since right after I turned 21 and I got so drunk that I pissed myself on the way home. Had some beer and Jager Bomb shot (the special for the night) and then called up my DD for a ride home, feeling pretty content on the night I had.
    The following Friday was supposed to be a recovery day, but the power steering in my grandma's car went out and I had to drive it into the shop for her. I don't know how she made it home as little as she is with no power steering on that massive old Buick she drives, but she somehow made it.
    Saturday, Vee sent me a text of silly putty sculptures her and her dad were making, so I knew it'd be a good night to head over there and work on killing off that bottle of cherry-vanilla spiced rum. While there I got into a bicycle accident by rear-ending someone. So when we're drinking Vee's dad will just randomly hop on a bike from the garage and ride around the neighborhood a bit and I had no idea where he'd go. Interested in figuring this out, I hop on the next available bike, a cruiser bike, while barefoot. At first my half drunken self is trying to wrangle the concept of braking by pushing the pedals back rather than having hand brakes and with no shoes on, putting my feet down to stop isn't a good option. I told Vee's dad I had a bike light in my car, but he said it was more fun riding in the dark, so we're going along, end up on a side walk in a real dark when all the sudden fucker just stops and I slam the brakes on but still run into the back of the bike he's on. Luckily no one fell off their bikes and then we couldn't quit laughing about it for a bit before riding through the golf course back to Vee's house.
  And that sums up the semi-exciting things that have occured this past week or so.


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