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I've apparently gotten to the point where I only post on here about twice a year, which is a real fucking shame because I enjoy looking back on the things that have happened in my life.
So let me write about my birthday today, there will be a lot of side tracking interjections as I reflect on things that have happened in the past six months.

I turned 26 today, I still feel pretty young, but given the people around me my age, I feel like I should be married and thinking about kids by now. I wouldn't mind getting married, in fact I would like to meet that special someone wherever the hell they may be and start a life with them; and I don't hate kids as much as I used to, we'll revisit that idea however when I'm closer to 30.

Unlike last year I got to sort got to sleep in this year. No more Target for Kole, fuck Target. Last Christmas season, as I was in the throes of retail hell, doing more work than I ever have because 90% of my co-workers were lazy fucks, along came an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. Out of the revovling door of team leads I had while at Target, there were only three that I actually respected because they got things done rather than sitting in an office most of the day evading actual work; Chris was one of those team leads. Chris was leaving to go to another job as a lead and asked me if I'd be interested in leaving Target when a spot opened up there. Of course I was interested. The interview and application process took a little while but by February 22nd I was finally out of working in retail. I love my new job, I get paid better, get a standard 40 hour week rather than having to fight for hours when business is slow. I get free breakfast and lunch everyday I go to work, don't have to pay for health insurance premiums so long as I don't smoke and get a yearly health assessment. Go out for drinks with the other guys at work every now and then on a Friday night. Even if I'm having a not so great day, it's still a hell of a lot better at my new job than the old one. I'm grateful that I had a team lead who noticed how hard I work and got me into a better job when they left.

I woke up for work this morning at my mother's house, because I slept there last night. About a month ago, I came to the realization that I was tired of living with Victor. Not only was I stuck in this apartment where I had no outdoor space which being me I hate, but I just got tired of cleaning up his shit all the time. And being in that apartment I was just stuck in this holding pattern, no motivation to build my future tiny house, etc. Though I've gotten rid of a lot of things over the past year, I still feel like I have too much unnecessary shit. Let me tell you, couch surfing isn't as easy if you're lugging around a cat and his litter box, you can do it but it becomes less easy than just throwing a bag down and sleeping. No way I'm getting rid of Jasper though, even after what happened a few weeks ago. Jasper woke me up in the middle of the night because he wanted food, I wanted sleep. Jasper got frustrated with me and bit me in the face (he's kind of fat so when he is hungry, he wants his food right then). He bit me pretty well, by the time I walked to the bathroom I had blood running down my face. I went to a doc in the box the next day because I hadn't had a tetanus shot in over ten years. They made me fill out some DHEC form which I thought was stupid because it was my own cat that bit me and he obviously doesn't have rabies. So I get a call saying I have to quarantine Jasper, mearning he and I are stuck at our then couch surfing spot for ten days. The DHEC guy shows up an hour late, it's raining that day so Jasper is hiding under the bed, the guy glances at him under the bed, says "Yeah he looks healthy" and then leaves. Guy doesn't call me back to check on him after the ten day quarantine, so I get this letter saying that my cat can't be located and that I need to go to a doctor to get checked for rabies. I call the guy from the letter and he leaves me a voicemail saying "as long as your cat isn't dead, don't worry about it". Good enough for me.

Drove into work in a car that is sadly not Jack (my red '01 mustang). On February 16th I got in a wreck. It wasn't my fault. This guy in a van comes out of nowhere hits the passenger side, the car spins around after impact and hits the side of another van. I pull into the gas station that my car spun around in front of as does the van I hit when I spun around. I look and see these two guys walking towards the gas station and then they start running off in the other direction. These two guys are the ones in the van that hit me. So it wasn't one of those hit and runs where the other car drives off, these shit heads actually get out of the can and run off. The dumbass left his ID in the van before he ran off, not that it did much good because the insurance on their van is a damn joke, I've been fighting with those stupid fucks for almost four months now trying to get the money to fix the mustang, which it pretty much totaled. I had to move the car from the apartment the other day and even though it was squeaking like creaky metal and the steering wheel has to be held to the side to go straight, I miss that car so much. I practically lived in it latter half of 2013 and went on so many adventures in that car. I don't feel like Kole without my red/orange mustang. Don't get me wrong, I like my new car it's a '14 black Dodge Dart, it gets a lot better gas mileage and I can weave in and out around traffic much easier, but it's not the same.

I volunteered to go into work this morning for a simple inventory audit. Go in for a job that takes about an hour a half and automatically get paid for four hours, so why not?

It was shaping up to be a pretty good birthday, late breakfast afterwards followed dinner and a pub crawl. Not that it happened. I ride with mom to go pick up my grandma for breakfast with us. She didn't answer the phone when I'd called earlier, but I figured she was just out in the yard or visiting with the neighbors. However when we got there she wasn't outside and wouldn't answer the door. Couldn't get in the front door because the screen door was locked in front of it and couldn't get in the back door because it was chained even though we had house keys. We had to call for help and the fire department guy had to use bolt cutters on the door chain. We found my grandma lying in her bed, luckily she wasn't dead but she had obviously had a stroke. So I spent most of my birthday at the hospital with her and other relatives that came by. She can't talk, though she was trying to and can't move her right arm or that side of her face. I love my Booger and I'm going to be a wreck when she dies someday which at the rate things are going, I'll be lucky if we have her around for another year or two. All we can do now is wait and hope she recovers. Seeing her like that makes me realize how much I still want to just live and do random things, the first thing I thought about doing was getting drunk and playing a big game of flash light tag. This was followed by wanting to live in a tent or traveling around like a hobo hopping train cars. If only I had my traveling hobo companion. We all know that that person is long since gone though. I still talk to Bacon though, we plan weekend camping trips and those little escapes make my restless almost bearable. I'm glad he is back around.

Left the hospital around nine o'clock for late dinner and at least one birthday beer with my mom. I considered making a late night stop at Vee's garage, but the garage isn't the same anymore. We don't make music, hell we don't even drink as much. Vee tells me she's getting too old to drink so much, even though she's younger than me and I don't drink as much as I used to.

What I wouldn't give to sit in Vee's driveway drinking and feeling free like I could do damn near anything like I felt back in late August 2013.